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A very strange experience for us: the scene: Hamburg around 1940, inside a Swing-Club a party with dancing couples and outside the "normal life" in Hitler-Germany at this time! Hamburg's New Swing Generation was there and also us, the Swing DJ s from Herford.

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08.01.05...Konzert im Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld

The Old Masters: Live From Buena Vista!

Havanna's outskirt Buena Vista is synonymous for the Cuban musictradition since the mid 30`s. THE HAVANA LOUNGE is a congregation of traditional musicians from that place to be. We met the impressing old master of Son Pio Leyva, the heartful singer from Wim Wenders Music-docu „Buena Vista Social Club", a legend in its own right even in Cuba with his almost 87 years. Further singer-hero Julio Alberto Fernandez and trumpeter Yanko Pisaco from the Wenders movie, also Guillermo "Rubalcaba" Gonzales", Pianist from the Afro Cuban All Stars with Daniel Ramos Alayo, trumpeter of Afro Cuban All Stars.

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...Waterkant Jam 2004 / Hamburg

...Waterkant Jam 2004 / Hamburg

There were frenzy Parties at the Stage Club/Neue Flora and the Weltbühne. - About 300 dancers from 14 nations danced their souls out, menaged by the New Swing Generation perfectly! Besides Mohan und Fatima from Swede and Swingin' Swaneewe did a very international DJ-set.! The Weltbühne was formerly a warehouse even with that old escalator to the club itself, soo hip!

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...Lippstadt Lindy Hop Festival 2004

11. Lippstadt Lindy Hop Festival, Oktober 2004

The saturday Party has not been our job and belonged prominently 60's Basie material and some Neo-stuff. - For sake we did our job on the smaller but cosier Sunday-party with only some handsful distinguished guests! - With improvised tap-dancing et all - fun for everyone, for the public and the DeeJays!

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Frankie Manning Weekend Amsterdam 2004

US-dance-legend Frankie Manning (90!) teached in Amsterdam/NL. Two days of frantic dancing, a 3 minute-feature in the TV-news (NOS JOURNAAL) and two sophisticated parties, music by Swing-O-Logy

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You can see the NOS-JOURNAL here, but attention, 8 MB! NOS JOURNAAL

Frankie Manning Weekend
...Swing Boat Ride 2004

Swing Boat Ride 2004

Swing fans abroad the Mississippi-Queen at the Hamburg harbour. The night before we spent in the emergency at Herford and in the early grey we headed for Hamburg, to meet Swingin' Swanee and played all our 'new' old stuff for each other!!

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Filmdreh Barfuss

The nights of July 16th and 17th stood under the signs of Hollywood, but even smaller! Til Schweiger did his new movie "Barefood" u. a. mit Nadja Tiller and Michael Mendel. We were part in a couple of dancers during the wedding-scene to the music of Ray Collins' Hot Club .

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Filmdreh mit Till Schweiger
...Hutball in Dresden

Hutball Dresden

The 09. March 2004 brought us to the Hotel Weisser Hirsch in Dresden, near the Blue Wonder. A Ballroom from the turn of the century, ca. 1500 heatwearing guests (hence Hutball!!!), Andrej Hermlin and hisSwing Dance Orchestra and Ray Collin's Hot Club.

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Amsterdam Lindy Hop Workshop

Amsterdam in April 2004 with Steven Mitchell and others. - Crazy and fun-stuff to learn and a DeeJay-Battle at the party! So nice!

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...Konzert im Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld

Hullabaloo in Bielefeld

You remember the Keytones from the 80's and 90's? - They play again and it was an honour for us, to bring them to Bielefeld's Ringlokschuppen and to play our sets in the meantime!p>

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